Monday, November 28, 2005


So, I've been pondering a lot of different things lately. Mainly of the area of philosophy, history, religion, ect... yea that typical "Why are we here" stuff. Let me start by saying that my childhood was one of the Christian background. I was raised to believe that God created man, that he did this in 6 days resting on the 7th, and that the Earth is no more than 6000yrs old, oh yea, and that the Flood actually meant the entire planet was covered in water. Yes, that was my background and to take that a step further I was raised in this environment from 7th-12th grade. Because "Secular" schools were just not good enough... besides that might confuse me. HA! OK on to my revelation. I started reading.. Imagine that.. what a concept.. and here is what i have discovered: Besides the fact that religious Dogma has caused more problems than anything else in our history.. Sure we could chalk some of it up to those weird fanatics.. but guess what... Our country was started by those such fanatics! Besides that, who made our founding fathers Sooooo great that they had the right to come over here and Kick the shit out of the Indians (who by the way were very civilized and lived here much longer and in much more harmony than we did), also Did you know that it was the Dogma of Christianity that kept us in the Dark Ages.. Look it up... Ok getting carried away here. but there are so many examples throughout just our recent history that Religion can be blamed... Thats not the point, I have no ill feelings to how i was raised. My point is I was always told that God is the way.. the only way and that to get to heaven i must serve him. And all other religions are wrong and everyone is going to hell. I dont buy it. God gave us a brain. If we are made in his image then he wanted us to think! not just blindly follow, and do what we are told like a bunch of stupid robots. not only that study that damn bible that was "Edited" and put together by a group of MEN! Yea, back when Christianity because the Official religion of Roam is when the vigor for pushing Christianity began... and just ponder that for a moment.. you know why Christianity is thriving.. because it's foundation to penetrate the world.. they are using the same system employed by one of the greatest Empires in the world.. If you look at the techniques used by Rome to expand their boarders you will find the same ideas in Christianity.. Also, did you know the Islam, Muslims, and Christianity worship the same God, and use pretty much the same bible? Amazing! and they cant get along. Another thing most of the ideas of creation where "Divinely" inspired or appeared to the writer in a vision from God.. Hmmmm similar to the visions that Buda had? Crap, I'm rambling... I have so many things going through my head.. then it finally hit me.. You know what. I'm not worried about it. I will not let the dogma of Christianity use fear to force me to live the way they believe. I'm not missing anything from my life. I live a very full and happy life. I live for each day and do my best to make the most out of it cause it could be my last. Living is the ultimate! We should not be bothered by the Bullshit who believe what and why they are right! Fuck that! Every day the rules change. Every day while those others battle out their problems, I'll be showing my wife and son how much i love spending my time with them. God isn’t sitting on my shoulder, and He doesn’t deserve the credit for things I choose to do with my life. On the same token he doesn't take the blame when things in my life go wrong. I do. I'm in control of my life, and I choose to live. Yes, I believe in an afterlife, and I will live there too. I think the worst thing you can do with you life is waste it.

Do me a favor, if you dis-agree with me just goto another blog. Don't bother replying because it will fall on deaf ears. Not only will you fail to "convert" me or change my mind, you will only more validate my point that because i disagree with you, you feel obligated to fight about it.. thus proving even more how aggressive religion is in it's Personal Battle for survial. Religion is dying a slow painful death..... Eventually, it will die and something else will take it's place. My guess is it will come soon, especially as we discover more about Quantum Physics.

Well, if nothing else that's my rant for today.. hehe

Sunday, October 30, 2005


Well, to start I'm sick of people that out of ignorance and stupidity lie or fib to their kids.. I say this because recently I encountered a parental dilemma with my 7yr old son. He was un-decided if he wanted to go trick-or-treating or go to a Putt-Putt park with his cousin's family who were going with the pastor and their family. They were taking the kids there instead of trick-or-treating because of their convictions. That's cool, have no issue with that. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. This is why we live in this Fabulous country. Anyway, during the process of explaining to him that he had to decided if he wanted to dress up and go trick-or-treating or go with his cousin. I had to explain why they were not going, and why they didn't celebrate in the same way. During our discussion he said, "Dad, I know... They don't celebrate because it's the Devils Birthday". I was shocked, and being the type of parent/person I am, I was not about to let this go without further research and investigation so I could properly explain to him what the truth behind what Halloween was and how it came to be. To sum up my results: Halloween did not originate from the devil or even from devil worship, It is not some horrible event or Satanic celebration, as a matter of fact at one point in Europe is was encouraged to be celebrated by the church. Anyway, It is simply a holiday that has evolved over time from superstition, and through time has grown to a simple family holiday meant to be enjoyed by everyone. Oh sure there have been moments through time that it has received a bad rep, but I challenge you to do the research discover for yourself... And share that history with your kids. Truth is always better than just telling some bullshit to your kids, they are pretty smart and can handle it. I'm sure there will be other controversially posts in the future and will have plenty of time to get into religious and political issues as time goes on.. hehe.. Have a Happy Halloween and enjoy.

Dang, what a first post to start with :)


Thought for today:
Ignorance should not be an excuse, It should be the driving force informing you know there is more to learn.