Sunday, September 23, 2007

Religion and Politics.....

....And why they should not be intermingled, even in a small town. This incredible display of "chrisitan" character absolutely disgusting!

City Commission Meeting Turns Ugly

They should make excellent commissioners! I just hope the citizens remember this later, and if they don't... you can be damn sure I'll still have this post around to remind them.

One of the great things I did notice about this election, is that the "Good ole Boy" network is loosing strength in this town. The final tally for mayor was only a difference of 15 votes.. 49% to 51% at least that shows that the town is growing closer to becoming more progressive. Hopefully, in another 4yrs, enough new people might move in and finally wipe out the old school of thought and actually bring about the much needed change in this area.

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