Monday, February 25, 2008

More Thoughts on Evolution

After reading some of the ridiculous claims against evolution, I found myself thinking about how to relate this to regular people without using something like gravity. Many moons ago I took electronics and it seems this fits quite nicely to help some people in understanding What evolution really is. Basically, just like evolution, the DC Theory is also a theory. Same with AC. The funny thing is, even with DC/AC Theory.. sometimes people will debate the direction current flows. In any electronics, current flows from negative/ground to positive. To sum up, ground has an abundance of electrons and those electrons flow towards the available holes on the positive side where electrons have been kicked out of the way to create holes or places for the electrons to fill up. Now for me, I'm not 100% sure how to "prove" witch direction the current flows, and to be quite honest it does not matter.. All the equations for AC/DC theory work. Everyone knows that their electronic devices are obviously working, but we don't Believe IN the AC/DC Theory, we simply use it as a tool to answer how something happen, or what will happen. I mean, hell on a quantum level, we still do not KNOW or understand how the electron even moves. Anyway, this is kindof a short post, I'll try to edit and fill in some other information. I just thought about it today and thought maybe it would give someone a glimpse of how the theory of evolution is no different the the hundreds of other theories we use everyday that are not up for debate. I think the AC/DC Theory is a pretty good one that many people should be able to relate to or understand. Evolution is simply the best answer to understanding everything around us and how it all works.

My first though was the "Internal Combustion" ( i mean Thermodynamics Theory). lol... but I wasn't sure if that would work as well... I could imagine someone claiming that every time a piston fires it must be god igniting the gas... course I'm just rambling off topic now, but it was kinda funny.

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DB said...

If you think the creationists are nuts arguing against science, look into those who still subscribe to the the geocentric view of the solar system based off their literal interpretation of the bible. Just make sure you are sitting down.