Saturday, April 07, 2007

Why Christians celebrate Easter by Rev. John H. Ricard

Sunday My View: Why Christians celebrate Easter

While reading local news I noticed this pop up, and thought it was interesting and at the very least it's a different perspective on why some christians might celebrate easter.

Some quotes from the article:

"However, when he rose from the dead, slowly and carefully Jesus was able to convince his disciples that his death was, in a way, similar to what happened to Joseph. God had used the suffering (and, in his case, death) of one man to bring ultimate good into the world."

WOW! That's some fancy foot work there... First (And I will have to go back and dust off my bible again) I do not recall Jesus doing this convincing.... I think it actually happen later with the writings of paul, but I will have to go back and read up on this...

"This is the core of Christian faith: that divine life is given to everyone in the world from the very human death of Christ. By his death, the wood of the cross becomes for all humanity the tree of life."

So much relating, so little time... ;)

I did find this quite funny:

"The cross and resurrection cannot help but make Christians cockeyed optimists, who will never give in or give up on themselves or on their world. After all, Jesus said, “Take courage! I have overcome the world,” and he proved it by conquering death in his resurrection from the dead."

Really! I've met a whole lot of christians, and if you consider them optimists it would definitely have to be a cockeyed version of optimism lol. Besides i don't think handing your troubles off to god and believing that he will take care of everything really qualifies as optimism....

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