Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wintessing and The Kirby Salesman

After my previous posts, I was doing some more thinking and it occured to me that the kirby salesman (or almost any door to door sales) and christian witnessing have a lot in common.

  1. They knock on your door at the most inconvenient times
  2. They are only there to sell you something to gain something in return
  3. They begin to present their case by showing you how it has helped them and others
  4. They will show you the dangers of not having their product
  5. They will sometimes measure their product against others to show how theirs is so much more powerful
  6. They attempt to use fear to ensure you side with them that their product is better
  7. They will offer you a reward by acting today
  8. They try to break your will to say no by continuing to stay long after they are no longer welcome.
  9. They will show plenty of documentation to back up what they are saying
  10. If by chance you do say no they attempt to influence you by saying something to the affect that your lifestyle and the way you live is completely filthy and maybe one day you will realize the benefits of their product and come back to them.
That was just a few that I had come up with in the last 20 or so min thinking about it. Quite humorous lol..

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