Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ignorance.. Is it really bliss?

I'm not sure if it's because I'm getting older, or if it's because I'm starting to actually listen to other people.... But... and don't get me wrong here, I think everyone is entitled to their opinion.. But some of this shit really gets annoying after awhile.

First let me explain what happen a few weeks ago with my father. We were discussing politics and such, mainly me expressing my thankfulness that Bush would soon be gone. That led to a very brief discussion about the war, and that led to the up coming elections. Now for me, I have not come to a conclusion yet as to who I'm going to vote for and I admit it , I have not done much research except for excerpts and news clippings. However, since I'm a registered Democrat I usually lean that way :) Anyway, I had asked good ole dad what he thought between Hillary and Obama. To my surprise he actually got pissed. Ranting that he would never vote for someone with a name like that! And that there was no way in hell a Muslim would be elected president! Ignorance warning Ignorance warning !! Then the other day the same bull shit happen with my brother-in-law except he was claiming that Barack picked that name, hinting that he was Muslim... Ignorance warning Ignorance warning !! My first thought was WTF?!? Where are these people getting this information?!?!? The pastor? Are they just Guessing?!?! Maybe I'm not watching enough TV, but I have not heard that shit! What I've heard is that this is a good fairly open minded christian man, born in Hawaii who's father died when he was young. As far as I know he was born with his Obama name. As I said though, I have not read much about him... This I plan of fixing. Yesterday I bought both his books: Dreams from My Father (supposed to be sort of a look into his personal life) and The Audacity of Hope . I read the first few pages and was surprised to see he is in favor of Evolution ;)

Guess my point is, Ignorance is NOT BLISS and it makes people look pretty damn stupid! When in doubt , say you don't know, maybe formulate some sort of opinion, but then go out and do some reading....


Kilgore Trout said...

Ignorance can be bliss, but your examples aren't quite ignorant. They are ignorant of the truth, but they have information. If they gleefully said, "who's obama? is that the terrorist guy?" that would be an example of ignorance.
Eh, I guess your example is pretty ignorant, I take back what I said.
So I'll just say sometimes ignorance is bliss but not always.

I'm still undecided on those two as well, Hillary has more experience and I think Bill would be a good first husband, but I'm still upset about her war stance. Obama I just don't know enough about. He seems to pander a bit to the religious right but I need to see some real action out of both of them this next year and a half before I decide, they need to earn my vote. I can't decide if I like the idea of Gore running either. I think he would be a great president but sadly thats a minor factor in who should run. If he runs then everything he has done on the environmental issue will immediately be seen as a political ploy. And I don't like tipper, the whole PMRC/censorship thing really bugs me.

I will say that if any combo of Gore/Clinton/Obama team up they'll probably be unstoppable.

Robert said...

lol, true.