Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Religion and Schools

Was checking out BBC news this morning and came accross this:
BBC NEWS | UK | Education | Schools advised on Muslim pupils

What I disagree with was the term "Muslim pupils".. They are freaking kids!
"Its guidance aims to ensure state schools meet Muslim pupils' needs"
They need to just be taught as kids! If the parents have "special needs" they want to force onto their children, either keep them at home, or send them to a school that tailors to your religion, otherwise your child will be treated just like any other kid in school, and should follow the rules of that school.

and this:
BBC NEWS | UK | Education | Schoolgirl loses veil legal case

This article was just as dumb. No matter what your religion, I don't think a school should allow you to were a robbers mask. What the hell is up with that anyway. Makes them look like a damn raccoon. After the judgment this was the quote from the article:
They said after the judgment that the family were "bitterly disappointed".
Damn, cry me a freaking river, I'm so sorry that you were unable to force you religious convection's into the school system. I was "bitterly disappointed" when my school banned mini-skirts.

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