Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Iran defiant on nuclear programme

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Iran defiant on nuclear programme

Not much to say here, but to voice my opinion on the matter... Ahmadinejad has a good damn point. I agree with him, if everyone wants him to stop enriching uranium, then they should also stop their enrichment programs. I think that it's pretty damn hypocritical for America to just BULLY other countries around simply because we are "Scared" of what "MIGHT" happen or what "COULD" be done with the enriched uranium. That's pretty much what it boils down to.... America is turning into a scared, selfish, paranoid country. Yes, I understand the need to be cautious and keep a watchful eye... But come on! America is not the worlds Big Brother..... And if we continue to act like it, things will only get worse for us. Sure maybe I'm being a bit naive about the situation, still doesn't make it right.

Hey you can't do that because once you do, then you would be able to make this, and if you do that, then you might attack us, and that we can't let you do that.?

Shit, I say give them a pat on the back, help them out. They want to work towards cleaner ways to create power... That beats the shit out of what those fuckers in China are doing! China is throwing up at least 1 coal burning plant a month, and sending all their smog over to California! Thanks!!

It would not surprise me in the least if our asshole of a President falls for this shit and being the type of person he is, tries to invent some reason for us to invade! Damn Prick! I think the only reason his sorry ass is not been impeached yet is because nobody wants to see the #2 Dumb Ass as Commander in Chief! Cause then, someone might get shot... lol

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