Friday, March 30, 2007

Baby Got Bible???

Holy Big Bible Rev. Mix-A-Lot, what the heck was that!

I was perusing through God Tube and just could not resist posting this. It's just so damn funny. I'm sure we all enjoyed the parodies by good ole Weird Al, but doing a "Christian" Parody on Baby Got Back.... That's pretty low, what's next a parody on "I wanna Sex You Up" better not give them anymore ideas. Seems they do pretty well all by themselves.


tina said...

You were right, it's hilarious, but do the elders approve of this kind of music? lol!

new.atheist said...


Me so Holy?

Thank gawd for Christians who make it this easy for us to make fun of them.

Robert said...

LOL Me so Holy? LOL I love it!