Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Tomb of Jesus Review

Thank goodness for dvr's. I just finished watching the recently released special claiming to have found the Tomb of Jesus's family, and the "Critical Look" hosted by Ted Koppel afterwards. And I must say, I'm surprised at some of the responses on both sides. I've read a few posts by those with and without faith that seem quite intent to shoot this documentary down based on it's "lack" of evidence or because there are too many "chains" or too many "If's". Among other issues the "Critical Look" show added were poor presentation, One sided views, and over Dramatization.

Come on people, I have yet to see a "Documentary" that was not "Dramatized" in some fashion. As for the issue with daisy chaining.... That's kinda the point isn't it? Besides all of that keep in mind it was a "Theory".. Poorly portrayed or not, there was some intriguing evidence there. Well worth looking into further in my opinion. Was it alot of hype, sure... but so was the "Documentary" that showed that Egyptians and not slaves built the Pyramids. What about the show that was on just before this one portraying the story of the Flood and Noah? I've watched alot of these types of shows on Discovery/History channels and the like, and most if not all have not done anything different than this one. Many times with much less information than what was presented here. Like the shows on the Lost City of Atlantis, etc... Some of those were down right Laughable...

I thought the show was pretty interesting myself. Yes, they seemed to pull quite a bit of their evidence from different sources and some of the items were a bit of a stretch, but in my opinion the core facts seemed to fit quite nicely, and seems to me would be worthy of some further investigation. I think most of the "Rebuttal's" from the "Critical Look" afterwards were just as weak if not weaker than those presented in the documentary itself.

In the end.. Hell, I don't care if it is or is not Jesus's Tomb. To be quite honest it doesn't matter to me one way or the other. Considering we have a man right now running around claiming to be "Jesus Christ Man" lol... It does bring up other questions like why wasn't this noticed back in the 80's? Can more dna be tested? Would it be possible to exhume the skeletal remains and do some forensics science? Maybe find the spear wound in his side, or if there are nail marks in the bones? Or thorn marks in his skull? I'd like to see scientist tackle these other questions... Who knows, maybe in another 10 or 20 years they will have another Documentary explaining all this with better evidence....

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