Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cop out, or Laziness??

Last night I was asked "What do you believe?". Of course this is not the first time this question has been presented to me, and every time my response begins the same. First, I will ask the questioner who is usually someone I know already, and by this time someone that I know where they stand in their beliefs, none the less I will say "Are you sure you want to discuss this? Because my thoughts on religion are most likely much different than yours." They usually respond in one of 3 ways.

1) They make an out right firm statement about their faith how they believe in God and nothing is going to change that and all others are going to hell that don't believe.. (this is the most typically reply. At witch point usually I will drop the subject, and move on to something that we can actually have a conversation about even though they brought it up. The way I see it, if they are going to ask, then throw up this wall thinking I'm going to try to convert them it's pointless to actually attempt a conversation. I've already scared them just by questioning their faith, further discussion with them will simply anger them more, and I don't see the point in that when I know it can be prevented.

2) They still make the statement of faith, usually just trimmed down to "Well I believe in God.", but they are genuinely curious as to what i think. This is usually just them being polite though. Normally, if i were to pursue this discussion... Approximately, 5 min into the discussion the conversation will have gone from a polite sharing to immediate debate. After I begin to share anything with them, immediately start to defended or give excuses, even though there is no need for them to defend their position. What amazes me most about these discussions is the fact that about 90% of the people I've made it this far at some point during our discussion will either not be able to defend due to their own lack of knowledge of their own bible, or in the more interesting conversations will say something to the effect of "Your Intelligence is blinding you", or "You should stop learning, and just start living" WHAT???? At this point again I will let it go and move on.

3) This is usually the best reply. The person will say, "I have my beliefs, but I'd love to hear a different view" this type of person is usually the most fun. Granted it's a hot topic and sometimes it can become a heated discussion, but when all is said and done typically we both walk away with the feeling that we've had a good coversation.

With that said, I understand the reasons people grip to their faith... Comfort, Simplicity, etc.. the list goes on... What I don't understand, is how someone is willing to take such a "Defiant" stand for something that they don't truly understand themselves. By that I'll give the example that happen the other night. This person began to say things like, "Well that's how I was raised", and reference some emotionally strong moment at death, or something to the affect that their parents believed and they lived a good life.... Are people really that Lazy???? That they don't want to actually read for themselves and instead want to be spoon fed little bits of facts so they don't have to think?? Or is it more of a Cop out? I don't believe that anyone is incapable of learning or searching for the truth. All it takes is a bit of reading, and willingness to question. Just because you are "raised" a certain way does not make it right, and most of all does not make it true..... Just some thoughts for today..

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