Thursday, January 25, 2007

Innocent or Ignorant

I found myself pondering today... Occasionally, I'm sure as with most people, Memories will re-surface. Things you recall from your childhood, Tid bits of words people have said, or simply a familiar smell or word that triggers a cascading of events through your mind. Sending you speeding backward through time, like rewinding a show at 300x speed. I don't recall what triggered this for me today, but none the less it happen. And I found myself engaged in a sortof thought process.

When does innocents become ignorance? And what real difference does it make? No doubt we would probably all consider small children to be both innocent and ignorant, but at what point do we no longer consider a person to be innocent but rather ignorant? Or do we use the term ignorant as a somewhat harsher word for those who are innocent? Can you always be both ignorant and innocent or are you only ignorant and innocent once in your life, then for the rest of your life you can never be innocent again, just ignorant. The good thing is ignorance can be cured through education right?, but can innocents be returned? Sounds rather dumb when i write it out, but that's why i called this Robert's Thought's. Sorta like an inside view of my mind lol. Deductive Reasoning or simply passing time? hehe

In conclusion, I would say:
Innocents is lost whereas Ignorance taught.

Just a thought experiment....

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